Education and Training

2023- Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of Padova (IT), Department of Chemical Sciences
Synthesis; self-assembly; supramolecular materials; hydrogels; photocatalysis. 

2018-2022 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Northwestern University (USA), Department of Chemistry and Center for Bio-inspired Energy Sciences

Lab director: Prof. Samuel I. Stupp (link). Self-assembly; supramolecular materials; hydrogels; photocatalysis. 

2016-2018 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Cardiff University (UK) and University of Trieste (IT)

Lab directors: Prof. Maurizio Prato (link) and Prof. Davide Bonifazi (link). Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; heteroatom doping; nanomaterials.

2012-2016 Ph.D. Student, University of Trieste (Italy), Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Supervisor: Prof. Davide Bonifazi (link). Synthesis; chromophores; self-assembly; patterning.

2014-2015 Visiting scholar, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (USA)

Supervisors: Ed Holson and Florence Wagner (link). Synthesis; design; ligands; dopamine receptors.

2014-2015 Student, Harvard University, Extension School (USA)

Classes in Org. Chem./Drug Synthesis and Action, Organic Chemistry and Chemistry in Context

2007-2011 Student, University of Trieste (Italy)

Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Selected Awards and Distinctions

2023 ERC Starting Grant

2022 European Young Chemists' Award Finalist (European Chemical Society)

EYCA aim is to showcase and recognize the excellent research being carried out by young scientists working in the chemical sciences 

2021 Dream Chemistry Award Top 5 (IChF Polish Academy of Sciences  and IOCB Czech Academy of Sciences)

International recognition to young chemists (no more than eight years since PhD awarded) who dream of solving fundamental problems with bold ideas

2020 “Giacomo Ciamician Medal" (Italian Chemical Society)

Prestigious prize awarded to outstanding organic chemists at the early stage of their career (under the age of 40)

2020 "Stanislao Cannizzaro International Prize for Chemistry and Chemical-Physics" (Accademia dei Lincei) 

International prize given to a promising young researcher (under the age of 40)

2018 “Primo Levi Award" (Italian Chemical Society)

Awarded to an under 35 chemist and author of a research performed in Italy

2017 Award for the “Best PhD dissertation” (Italy, CINMPIS)

National Interuniversity Research Consortium in Innovative Synthesis Methodologies and Processes

Selected Invited Presentations to International Conferences

2022 EuChemS Chemistry Congress (30-08-2022, Lisbon)

Invited oral presentation

2022 Supramol 2022 (30-06-2022, Salerno)

Invited keynote lecture

2021 Dream Chemistry Award 2021 (06-12-2021, Prague)

Invited oral presentation

2021 Awards and medals ceremony (25-06-2021, Rome, Italian Chemical Society)

Invited oral presentation

2020 Energy Frontiers Research Centers Meeting (16-11-2020, online, U.S. Department of Energy)

Invited oral presentation

2019 Merck Young Chemists Symposium, MYCS 2019 (XIX Edition, 26-11-2019, Rimini)

Invited oral presentation

2018 Towards a New Vision of Chemistry in Everyday Life and Technology (16-12-2017, Cagliari, CINMPIS XVII Edition)

Invited plenary



Instructor for "Laboratorio Chimica Applicata" and "Laboratorio Chimica 2" (2023)

Co-instructor (with Prof. Stupp) “Chemical Synthesis of Materials” (MSE 336, 2021)

Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Trieste), Master in “Chimica e Technologie Farmaceutiche”):

 - Teaching assistant in “Organic Chemistry” (Prof. Bonifazi, 2015/16)

 - Teaching assistant “Organic Chemistry” (Prof. Prato, 2012/13)

 - Teaching assistant “Advanced Organic Chemistry” (Prof. Prato, 2011/12)

Selected Memberships

American Chemical Society

Italian Chemical Society

European Photochemistry Association

Catalysis Club Chicago

Selected Reviewing Activity

Nature Communications (Springer Nature), Advanced Materials (Wiley), Small (Wiley), Chemical Science (RSC), Chemical Communications (RSC), Journal of Organic Chemistry (ACS), Nanoscale (RSC), Light Science & Applications (Springer Nature), Supramolecular Chemistry (Taylor & Francis), New Journal of Chemistry (RSC), ACS Omega (ACS), Journal of Materials Science (Springer Nature), Particle and Particle Systems Characterization (Wiley). Supervised reviewer for ACS Nano, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Chemical Science, Chemical Reviews, JACS, Nanoscale, Nature Communications, Materials Today.