Luka Ðorđević

Principal investigator

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In my free time I like to read books and enjoy listening to music. Other than that, I try to balance between passion for sports and my love for food.

David Cappelletti

Ph.D. student

I obtained my M.Sc. in Chemistry (UniPd) in 2023. My thesis dealt with the synthesis of metal complexes and catalytic studies. After graduating, I moved to Technical University of Munich for a six-month period granted by Erasmus+ Traineeship. There, I worked on the synthesis of encapsulating metal complexes in the Pöthig research group. In the end of 2023, I enrolled in the PhD programme in Materials Science and Technology (UniPd). 

My interests are mainly focused on 'life'-like supramolecular systems and materials for conversion, storage and use of solar light. Currently, I am working on transient supramolecular polymers.

Marianna Barbieri

M.Sc. student

I undertook my undegraduate course in Chemistry at the University of Parma and I obtained my Bachelor in 2022, under the supervision of Prof. Dalcanale. There, I worked on host-guest interactions, focusing on the study of quinoxaline cavitands for the complexation of perfluorinated micropollutant in aqueous media. In late 2022, I started my Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Padova. Recently, I was a visiting student at the University of Vienna, where I worked on azaparacyclophanes prepared via catalyst-transfer macrocyclization, under the supervision of Prof. Bonifazi.

I am currently working on self-assembled chromophores as photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution. This fall will start my Ph.D. to work on supramolecular frameworks for solar fuels production. 

Andrea Cornedi

M.Sc. student

I am working on amphiphilic organic chromophores for light-drive production of hydrogen peroxide. 

Luca Vaccarin

M.Sc. student

I am preparing cationic organic dyes and studying how to control their aggregation state to improve their photocatalytic activity. 

Claudia Masia

M.Sc. student

I am currently working on donor-acceptor dyes to perform visible-light photocatalysis. 

Edoardo Saggioro

B.Sc. student

I am studying Industrial Chemistry at the University of Padova. In my experimental thesis, I focused on the photocatalytic reduction of acetylene to ethylene using cobalt complexes. Specifically, I worked on identifying organic chromophores as replacements for the inorganic ones currently used in the process, with the goal of enhancing sustainability. 

Outside the lab and classroom, I have a passion for competitive sport fishing. I was Italian individual champion, twice world team vice-champion, and currently, I am part of the reigning world champion team.

Aurora Beltrame

B.Sc. student

I’m currently studying Industrial Chemistry and doing a three-years thesis with this research group. My research is in the synthesis and the characterisation of a metal-organic-frameworks, as catalysts for semi-hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene. 

In my free time, I like traveling and playing sports. I’ve practiced artistic gymnastics for several years, I love skiing and watching movies and TV series. 

Organic Synthesis and Nanomaterials