Thanks to the generous support of the European Research Council (ERC StG, 101077698), we have been able to set up the following lab spaces and instruments at the Department of Chemical Sciences at the University of Padova.

Sample prep, characterization, and photocatalysis

Sample preparation fumehood;
Nitrogen box;
Potentiostat (Pine Resaerch Wavedriver EIS);
Cary 60 and Cary Eclipse (with Quantum Northwest VT controller);
EPR (Bruker Magnettech ESR5000, with in situ irradiation);
Analytical balance (Mettler Toledo XSR);
pH-meter (Mettler Toledo SevenCompact);
Photoreactors (high-throughput, multiple wavelengths);
GC-TCD-FID (Agilent  8860 w/ autosampler);
HPLC-DAD  (Agilent Infinity II 1260 w/ autosampler);
Fluorescence microscope (Zeiss Axio Observer);

Synthesis and purification

Schlenk lines and high-vacuum pumps;
Microwave reactor (Discover CEM);
Specialized glassware;
Balance and pH-meter;
Autocolumn (Buchi C-810);
Rotavaps (Buchi R-100 and V-100);

Departmental facilities and instruments

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (600 MHz,  500 MHz, 400 MHz, ...);
Powder X-ray diffraction (Bruker D8 Advance);
Photoluminescence Spectrometer (FLS1000);
Mass spectroscopy (GC-MS, ESI-MS,  HR-MS);
Dynamic Light Scattering (Zetasizer NanoS);
Plate reader (Tecan Spark):
Circular dichroism;
Microscopy (AFM, HR-TEM, SEM);